Peaceful Mantra



When I was in meditation several months ago, I was Asking for Guidance for What I could do to Help a Close Friend who I knew was Close to Killing Himself. This is the mantra I was given which took me from a place of Saddness and Confusion to a place of Comfort and Serenity so I could be of Highest Service for my Friend. Blessfully he is still choosing to Grace us All❤

May it take you to the same place of Clarity and Peace ❤❤❤


I Am The Light

I Am The Love

I Am The Peace

I Am The ONE

The Goddess Shift

JAE - Divine Light

The Goddess Shift
by Carolyn Lanier Roberts –

What is the Goddess Shift (or God Shift)?
It is the Shift into FULL TRUST and FULL COMPASSION. It is a process. It requires you to
release the need for the drama and the need to take SIDES and to Pull away to a much Larger Perspective. The Perspective you would see if you were watching the Play of Earth from God’s perspective. The Shift happens when you move into viewing your world through the eyes of Compassion – “The Bridge” by moving through “The Door –, your Heart, and shifting your focus of your entire world including and especially the way your process it, through The Door to YOU and ALL THAT IS.

In calling this a process, it allows you that to be kinder and more patient with yourself and let it all Unfold. Generally, on Earth that means you will take 2 steps forward and 1 step back in your evolution and PATIENCE AND COMPASSION FOR SELF ARE REQUIRED.

The complete releasing of the old into the Goddess Shift can be scary if you are not already almost completely rooted in The Trust Within, Trust in the Universe and especially Trust in Yourself. This requires that you slowly, but completely release your need for ALL External Validation. This is defined VERY individually, but basically it means wherever you are measuring yourself against another or constricting the True Flow of Spirit in your Life. What this is defined as is essentially: GREATLY Limited To Do Lists or NO To Do Lists, No sticky notes, Much less time on Facebook and ALL Social Media so that the true roots of these inventions will begin to take place…telepathy, No seeking out validation from friends or family to compare notes with what you receive from Spirit. Selectively choosing and Greatly reducing TV or any external Media viewing unless you have already released this habit. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these, but what it means is your True Grounding comes from Within…its true HOME and Source.

There are MANY other means we have chosen of External Validation – this is a very short list, but I hope you get the idea of what it truly means – it is anywhere in your life you convince yourself of the NEED for ANOTHER (person, thing, process…anything) to Validate YOU. This is challenging to All of Us, but it can be extremely so if you have not done your WORK and Faced and Released and KEEP Releasing what you Need to, in terms of layers of Belief Systems that are holding you back and that you are allowing to make you feel UNWORTHY (like peeling back the thin layers of an onion) and Thought Processes…familiar grooves that are known but NOT supportive of you or Nurturing You, or any blocks on ANY level of your (unconscious, subconscious…conscious etc..). When you can completely release ALL FEAR and FALL into complete Trust– if only for a moment as this builds moment by moment – you get out of your own way and this allows the Bigger, Greater YOU to take place – to Take the Led for however long you allow this FREE FALL into God’s Arms or Total Trust or whatever you want to call it.

Staying in this space, in this FLOW requires constant maintenance, but in Truth it is not
intended to be WORK, but JOY!!!!Truly this process is the Allowing of JOY into your Life 🙂

What makes your heart LEAP?




When you allow yourself to become aware of all places in your life where are seeking and have convinced yourself you NEED External Validation and you truly begin and maintain the WORK OF THE HEART required to clear away the crud, the illusion, the distortions, the Un-Truths in your life so that you are READY to Allow and Receive your TRUE TEACHERS. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! These TRUE TEACHERS ARE: Anything that takes you to the True Divine States Felt with your ENTIRE BODY for example JOY, APPRECIATION, GRATITUDE, LOVE ANY OF THE HIGHER STATES OF BEING.. ….This is the Initiation into The Goddess Shift/God Shift.


Self Nurturing IS your Center

To start something new feels like “pulling teeth” I know, but you must understand that to live in this NEW NORMAL you have to take your first step and the Energy, the Universe will support you after that. You are releasing the old to move into the new, the Real, so you are in a place of LOTS of endings, goodbyes, disconnects, releasing, and forgiving especially self…how far back does this go…your Totality. That’s a lot, but that’s what’s happening. It’s why you are having all those dreams. Maybe of people that you remember this lifetime – soul family – that are no longer in your life…but something… there is still some connection. Clearing up of old lifetimes/parallel lifetimes, old choices, old You’s. This energy is SO heavy lately. My goodness…feels almost comatose in the intensity of it! Some days it feels just as easy to look outside, see and feel the energy and go back to sleep, but you know you are here on purpose AND there are others behind you. You have responsibilities and they ALL begin with first to honor self, nurture self, be kind to yourself, but in surrendering to this place, in relenting or allowing depending on your energy each day, you teach (remind) those behind you…maybe even beside you, of this KEY step. You find out that self nurturing is a very profound and subjective act. What really is nurturing to you? Yes, there are the easy given ways to nurture self, get enough sleep, eat chocolate (ok that’s mine 😉 ), hug someone, do yoga, sing, laugh, be outside and breathe in the fresh air, pet and play with your four legged friends, but there are even deeper layers of self nurturing that become apparent to you when you REALLY start to dig into the nurturing of self.  How do YOU tailor your love of self especially for you? And what if in the process of doing some of these super loving things for yourself you find you get irritated? Or that you block yourself from nurturing with To Do’s and move away from your heart? Self Nurturing is done in layers. Yes, sit drink coffee that you love, listen to relaxing music…or even meditate, but what about if you can’t meditate? That’s where surrender comes in. Just allowing yourself to smile in your heart and moving into that energy. So what if you don’t want to meditate one way…there are others.  Have a tool box of meditation methods that work for YOU.  Just relax and flow with the energy. Don’t even try to fight it because these days it’s just SO intense how can you…feels like swimming up a VERY steep hill  It isn’t all joy sometimes there is anger or sadness…just let it move through you. Surrender and Release. Then when you have “fed yourself” enough turn around and give to your soul sister/brother/neighbor or the guy giving you a ride on the dealership shuttle. It’s beautiful for YOU when you are at the place where you can take a breath and smile, but you know in being able to give with no strings attached purely from your heart, you have sufficiently nurtured yourself and it’s a pattern you can and will repeat again and again. A skill you can get better and better at . You will become an expert at nurturing of yourself: A place of comfort in this now CONSTANTLY changing energy. To have THIS CENTER that YOU CREATE and Renew Again and Again in all this Change, now that is VERY comforting indeed 😀

My Heart Vision

Here are the two separate and yet combined visions that live – and have always lived, in my heart.

Vision 1 – To remind each soul that resonates with me and chooses to listen, that they are Divine Beings, Perfect, Whole, Worthy and oh so beautiful Children of God, Sparks of the Creator…however your choose to frame it, and that when they truly choose to embrace this Divinity and let it live through them, that it will transform their thoughts, actions, choices and most importantly perspective to that  of a Balanced, oh so loving and honoring.

From this leads to, works with or is balanced with Vision 2

Vision 2 – A society based in Love:  Equality, the Flow, the balance, the trust that comes from living through your heart. What does this look like? Allow yourself to dream if you haven’t  already. As for me this are what my heart has guided me towards. Major points that always pop up in my heart and I know there are MANY  more.

No more insurance companies since they have always been based on the illusion of lack fed by the illusion of separation. This includes every type of insurance company that exists. This does not negate the individuals that are involved in this industry nor any other supporting industry that are motivated by the intention of love. What they do is truly holy work. This is just the next step and at some level and conscious or not they know this.

No more Police Officers of Law Enforcement of any kind. This was needed and still is until we are ready for this vision to be realized, but sometime in our future – maybe not so far away – all law is balanced by the energy of our hearts, by being truly centered within our truth. No OUTSIDE law is needed in any way, because it will be the INNER LAW that guides us and all -Our hearts. Again the work that is being done is this field and its supporting fields, that is from souls that intend their actions from a place of love and honor are greatly appreciated because they are doing holy work.  All work done from the intention of Love is Holy work

No and I mean NOOOOO credit card companies which have always been intended for debt slavery and to “assist” us in holding  on to that same energy of lack. Illusion.

More industries based in Lack, control and separation are GONE since their purpose was based in the energy of FEAR. What can you add to this…probably a considerable amount. Again, all work done from the intention of Love is Holy work.

If you truly start to allow yourself to see through the vision of love into all the industries that we have created you will start to see how many become unnecessary or are transformed by love. What a beautiful vision.

Let your heart begin to grasp these concepts if it hasn’t already.

I hold a vision in my heart of soooo much hope and love. That we all love each other and that no one is above or below another  this comes always from honoring and love of self which is always the starting point for this lesson of truth, trust and honoring. First we see it within ourselves to see it outside it does not happen the other way around. We must BE honoring, loving, nurturing… NURTURING, trusting and loving to ourselves. This begins the shift which yes THANK GOD has already begun. YES it takes A LOT of work from  each person and it is not something that an individual will do unless their heart is truly in it, but those of us that are more practiced or are actively practicing at this new way of being can support the others who are still struggling with A LOT of compassion. There are other “tools” needed that might be needed to help those struggling, but the starting point is always compassion.

So what’s the use of this article or exercise, see Vision 1, you ARE a Divine Being. You create with your thoughts, words, actions, intentions and so much more. To allow the joy of this truth to permeate your heart is just so beautiful and can transform your world. What world would YOU create? The world that lives in your heart based in Love. What does it look like? Give it voice. Let it out. Let it free so that it can begin.

This is my leap. To share t his vision with all of you: That we all recognize, accept and live through the truth that we are Divine Beings and that in doing this our industries,  you can also say societies and every space in which we exist (WOW that’s a lot)is transformed by t his love. It has always been there and continues to grow. My highest prayer is that you continue to feed yours so that these beautiful worlds that live within each of our hearts can REALLY begin to manifest.

Flowing in your Heart

To speak from your heart stay in your center. New places, new faces, new energies none of it matters as long as you stay in your heart and use this as your center and barometer. In this space there is no need to worry which is wasted energy or to second guess yourself which in reality is doubting God. Do you doubt God? Would you? NO, you wouldn’t so why is it any different to trust your heart because you are a Child of God, a spark, a particle of God.

Begin to shift your attention from your head and thoughts to your heart and breathe deeply. Tune into your heart beating and from this first feeling you can choose to begin tune into the energy of your heart. It really does have a brain and it is separate from your ego which works to make you feel separate from ALL. Your heart works to help you feel your REAL connectedness to ALL.

Work on learning to silence your thoughts by breathing deeply, completely tuning into your heart and pay attention to its voice. Any kind of mind/body exercise will help you tune into this voice – YOUR VOICE(Yoga esp. Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong) especially if it stresses your nervous system. Because once the nervous system is sufficiently stressed (going from parasympathetic to sympathetic/relaxing-fight/flight) you will find it much easier to go into a meditative state and to begin to tune into your heart.

The voice of your heart do you feel it/hear it? What does this feel like/sound like? Pay attention to this shift in energy and awareness because it is key to your true happiness and peace of mind (heart). You may hear guidance in your head once you are tuned in, you may see something either in your minds-eye or actually through your eyes, you may feel guidance physically, you may smell something, you may just know something or you may feel a truth a rise out of your heart ,to your throat and out your mouth…or there may be other ways you are given hints, guidance from your heart which ultimately is a direct link to your Higher Self, Creator Self, or you can also say God.

When you do this the first time you will naturally doubt what you receive/feel, but the important next step is in the trusting which is another form of Faith. Have faith that you are getting what you need to know and that more will come if/when you need it and ask for it. Remember as with all things you MUST practice. You will probably doubt what you receive the first few times, but with continued practice and following through you will begin to create a beautiful reality around you that answers the call of your heart. Ultimately, this begins the cycle of Flowing in your heart, feeling and living your own true Divinity.